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"It takes a lot to allow people to live in your home, a home made with great taste and ensures all comfort. We loved the stay as it felt like home! Thank you and may this home of yours spread love and kindness forever."

- Sonitha, Siddharth & Jazz The Shih tzu 

"Sad to leave the place after a very satisfying stay. Great opportunity to bond with all who had accompanied us. Looking forward to experience this rustic atmosphere and the sounds of birds, nature and dips into the river touching the plot."

- Austin Lobo 

"The Stay was an experience to remember. A warm experience of home away from home and touch of nature and a feeling of peace."

- Vinita

"We thoroughly enjoyed the swinging and crowing, sang our hearts out, rolled on the grass to our hearts content and satisfied our souls in no uncertain terms. We love the exclusivity of the place and unobstrusive way in which we were taken care of."

- Selwin, Uma, Lata, Yash, Gauri 

"You have selected the right place, a good choice!!! We felt like we were in Goa. It is absolutely quiet and calm, free from noise pollution. You both are trustworthy for letting us stay for two days. Food served by Bala's family was tasty and flavourful. We thank you very much!"

- Salvador D'souza 

"It was all excitement as we all entered in your farm House. It lasted till we all went back. You have a beautiful place, keep it up. Thank you."

- Mateus Rebello 

"Thanks for your hospitality. Sebastian had a blast swimming with his Goan friends."

- Nisha 

"I had a lovely time at your farm. It's so full of greenery and quiet that it takes away all your tensions of the day."

- Vera D'cunha 

"There are so many thoughtful inclusions in this home which made our stay here like just a home away from home. But most of all Jackie & I enjoyed your warmth, love and hospitality which gives this true cutting edge in a countryside homestay."

- Eddu & Jackie

"Came here for my bachelor's trip with my best friends & Saby. Had an amazing experience. Memories to cherish forever."

- Ravi Chamoli 

"We came here to celebrate our little one's 7th birthday. We are truly blessed for this experience & a gem of a memory that has been created. You guys are evidently thoughtful and possess great taste. Your kitchen makes me envious."

- Lin 

"This truly is one of the best places we have been to. The thoughtfulness which has gone into the house, makes it a wonderful experience and will always cherish the experience. Your music and book collection is also quite appreciable. Everything blends in to give a completely relaxing experience."

- Parag & Radhika 

"The house is beautiful, warm and classy, extremely well designed. Had a good trip. Bala was great, he did his best."

- Priti Kapil & Family

"Had a fun time with family. Thank you for a wonderful stay. Well done up place."

- The Fernandes'

"Awesome experience! First time in a non-hotel, non-commercial resort and loved it. Think this was among the best weekend getaway from Mumbai that we have had. Thanks for the lovely stay. All the best."

- Singal & Philip Family 

"As soon as we entered the premises we all couldn't stop appreciating all that we saw. We instantly loved everything. The outdoor spaces are lovely and so well created. Your paintings and personal items add a sense of warmth and coziness. The food is awesome too. We hope to come back here soon."

- Zenobia, Rima, Alpa & Mayuka

"Dear Suresh & Susan, We & our pets - Bruce & Jerry - would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful stay at Souzagad. The place is beautifully landscaped. Your home is peaceful & truly blessed. It was very well equipped to make our stay comfortable."

- Ravi, Leena, Sneha Desai

"This is a wonderful property to unwind, get connected with nature and spend quality time with family. Also a special mention about the quality food which was absolutely wonderful."

- The Nambissans & The Nambiars

"Everything is well taken care of and thoughtfully made. Loved the nitty gritties of the home, the small artifacts placed in each corner of the house that makes it a home."

- Dominic & Friends

"It was a lovely day spent at the amazing place you have made & with lots of love. Thank you!

- Ami, Litika, Farhan, Eric & Sushant

"This place really is "Souzagad". Would love to come back with a bigger group as we desperately need to get away from the TV & WiFi for a few days. This place helped us to do stuff like a family, don't remember last when we sat together for a meal. "

- Aldrin, Shama, Aaron, & Abraham

"The night lights all around the place, enhances the beauty of the place. The river makes it feel like a dream house every nature lover would desire. Loved every bit of this experience. Cheers you guys rock!"

- Rupert & Family

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