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The Rain Tree Villa - Kashid

2 Bedrooms

2 Bathrooms

4 - 8 Adults

8000 sq.ft.

Living Room

Chef on call

Dining Room

A verdant two acre property, a short ferry-ride away from Mumbai - The Raintree Villa is the ideal tropical getaway for your family and friends. The two-bedroom villa is a testament to our host's quirky yet chic personality, giving new life to this gorgeous property.
Situated two-minutes away from Kashid beach, guests have the option to immerse themselves into having the 'ideal' holiday experience
with sea & sand galore!

Alternatively, guests who want to take a step back and relax within the villa itself are offered the luxury of a 50-foot long swimming pool.

Feel one with nature - immerse your feet in the sand, go for a swim to feel truly rejuvenated or sit by the pool and have a scrumptious
meal that our chefs, so effortlessly master - whatever it is that your ideal holiday demands, we have the perfect solution for it.