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Staycation: A Home Away From Home

Staycation - as we all know, was quite a popular term, back in 2019. With the covid-19 pandemic over the world, the concept is back in place again! Celebrations have shifted from enormous gatherings to small and private get-togethers. Everyone needs to break free and breathe in the fresh air like the good old pre pandemic days.

A staycation is typically a vacation at a destination that is close to home or places with a unique aspect such as the location or the overall experience. They are more refreshing than vacations as there’s no hassle of covering many activities and site visits in a day. The main reason to have a staycation is for leisure and to relax. They act as a genuine break from work and the daily hustle and bustle of the city life.

A key element of a perfect staycation is to disconnect from the world and get a place with privacy, peace, and tranquility like a home away from home with a twist of nature to it.

Here is how you can get a perfect staycation with just 4 Ps:

1. Pin a date on your calendar:

Treat it like a vacation. Mark the dates on your calendar and avoid making any other commitments on these dates. The whole point is to take time to bond and reconnect with your family, friends, or your significant other in the best way you can. Try to avoid taking up any other work, to experience some quality time that you would otherwise spend on your vacation.

2. Pick a perfect getaway:

Choosing the right lodging is the most crucial step in planning your vacation. This is a perfect opportunity to check out a boutique hotel or B&B that you wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to check out. Skip the typical run-of-the-mill lodging and opt for a charming bed and breakfast, or a quirky, family-owned Homestay oozing with character, that will provide you with a more personal experience. The right lodging will set the whole tone for your trip. Exploring an environment that you’re slightly familiar with, allows you to kick back, relax, and enjoy the moment.

3. Prefer to do something exotic:

A packed schedule is the opposite of relaxing. Toss your hour-by-hour itinerary out and opt for just 2 to 3 activities per day. Choose options that let you relax and let you enjoy the moment that would be worth taking back. Plan for some unique activities like – rappelling, kayaking, night trekking, and so on.

4. Pamper yourself:

This is the prime opportunity to get some time to yourself. Find a pool or water body where you can dip in and relax with a drink (cocktail/ mocktail). Give yourself time to lounge on the couch / hammocks and enjoy the view! Lighten up the mood with music, dance, and games. Do all the activities that you enjoy, and take away these warm memories with you.

Talking about staycations near Mumbai and Pune – Lonavala, Matheran, Karjat, Alibaug are the popular gateways.

Souzagad is nature's getaway by the river for one to bond with family and friends which makes it a perfect home-stay, for a perfect staycation. The location is nestled among 120 Acres of rare Mango plantations, sitting in the lap of pure, unadulterated nature. This comprises of a 1 acre river touch property with 2 villas - The main Souzagad Villa & The Mango Shack.

Souzagad Villa:

It is a fully equipped villa, with a massive living room-cum-open kitchen, with an island counter. It has 2 spacious and luxurious bedrooms, along with 2 toilets. This villa has an adjoining patio that opens up into the lush green lawn.

Mango Shack:

A quaint laterite structured villa, isolated from the surroundings, having its own element of peace and tranquility, lies in the middle of the property. It comprises a massive master bedroom that is fully equipped with the necessary amenities, along with an attached toilet. It opens up into the patio, under the shade of the Mango trees which leads you to the river.

Some sensational experiences to take away from Souzagad:

1. Kayaking on the river:

Enjoy kayaking on the river like it’s your own private kayaking spot.

2. Barbeque:

Add flavor to your memories with a good old fiery barbeque.

3. Comfy up on the hammocks:

Get mesmerized with the night sky as shooting stars pass you by.

4. Trail through nature:

Enjoy taking a peaceful walk into the scenic beauty of nature.

5. Bonfire Bonding:

Spend some quality time with your loved ones creating new memories or recalling old ones.

And last but not the least, unwind, wine, dine and go back rejuvenated with your lungs full of fresh air and your hearts full of joy!

Visit Souzagad for your upcoming getaway to discover a side of nature unlike any other and take back an experience of a lifetime.

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