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The brainchild of a creative connoisseur and Interior Designer, Souzagad by the River was built as a family’s personal getaway – a home away from the hustle and bustle of the city, completely disconnected from the real world and just as connected to nature.


Curated to provide a truly rejuvenating experience, guests have the opportunity to holiday like they never have before.

With a growing roster of properties across Maharashtra, Souzagad offers a different adventure for every holiday. Experience the green equatorial tropics of Bali, the tranquil peace of a yogic retreat, vast rice paddy fields with the backdrop of larger-than-life mountains, go back in time and experience colonial heritage or listen to the sound of the waves as your stroll down the

beach - whichever experience you choose, Souzagad promises you the perfect amalgamation of art, design and nature.


Live the Experience – Experience Souzagad… 


Souzagad has a lot to offer! When it comes to activities, one can never run out of things to do. We have made sure to get the most out of nature in all aspects. Enjoy a different getaway experience, unlike any other, at Souzagad.


Experience The Souzagad Lifestyle


Infinity Pool

Take a cool dip in our infinity pool overlooking the River Pej



Row your boat gently down the stream
as the sun sets behind the hills



Go trekking amidst
the vast 
expanse of nature all around

What Our Patrons Say


Very Good

200 Reviews

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Yesha Dedhia

This paradise is only less than 2 hours drive away from bustling Bombay. The home is very cosy, and has personal touches from the owners who obviously have a keen eye. The local food is very well prepared, I was particularly thankful that the cook made it less spicy, just as we requested. The best part is the beauty of nature, the rare birds, the protective house dogs and the attentive staff.

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Sneha Iyer

We stayed at the Mango Shack, which is a room under the canopy of Mango trees.It is a lovely place if you wish to get away from the city and experience a quiet, slow and calm farm life. It is next to a river and has many sweet human friendly doggos who also act like tour guides. Had a fun time at Souzagad.

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